Intensive Care

The Intensive Care is a package for the individual speaker. This package with leave you with a deeper understanding of public speaking and storytelling in particular. It is designed for people who really want to make sure that their audience is hanging on their every word when they talk.

What makes the Intensive Care special is that together we will work on a specific presentation/talk that you want to do but you will learn principles that you can apply to any presentation in the future.

The package consists of three sessions with me and exercises to do at home. These sessions will most likely take place online. In case we do find ourselves in the same country/city, we will, of course, take advantage of that.

By Søren Thielcke

First session
In the first session, we will discuss your specific needs. What do you want to use storytelling for? Do you have a talk coming up? What is your experience level? What are your personal pitfalls when it comes to public speaking? What are your goals? Mostly the first session is about The 5 Ingredients of an Intoxicating Story. I will tell you all about this methodology that I developed. I will then give you exercises to give you a deep understanding of how to apply The 5 Ingredients to your specific situation.

Second session
Before the second session, with help of the exercises, you will have written and sent me the first draft of your presentation. We will discuss this draft and together rewrite and/or restructure where needed. There is plenty of room for brainstorming and perfecting. All to make sure that your story is rock solid.

During session two I will also give you extra tips and tricks on speaking techniques.

Third session
Where session one and two were mainly focused on your story, the third session will be all about you as a speaker. Between session two and three you will have made a video of yourself giving the talk we created. We will discuss this video to make sure we dot all the i’s and you are more than ready to rock the stage.

Every session will take 1-2 hours. Much more important than the exact amount of time is that I want to make sure that you are more than ready to have your audience hanging on your every word!

The Intensive Care package also includes a monthly live Q&A that I offer all my clients and past clients. We come together online to discuss any pitfalls, difficulties and doubts anyone may have concerning their story. You will learn by asking your own questions and listening to other people’s questions.

Contact me for any further information or a non-binding consult.