By Søren Thielcke

Never again should anyone have to sit through a boring, incomprehensible or embarrassing presentation. And while it is bad enough to be sitting in the audience when this happens, it feels so much worse when you’re the one on stage.
By teaching my method The 5 Ingredients of an Intoxicating Story, I aim to make sure no-one has to go through this ever again.

My trainings will help you become the best possible speaker you can be using storytelling. I will help you find the right story to tell and the best way to tell it. All of this to make sure that whenever you’re on stage the audience is hanging on your every word and will remember your story afterwards.
Whether it is a corporate presentation, a business pitch or an important talk you have coming up. Or even if you just want to make sure you have the other person’s attention during a one-on-one.

By Søren Thielcke

First Aid

The First Aid Kit will help you take the first steps towards becoming an enthralling storyteller. This 5-week online course will take you through storytelling and speaking techniques to have your audience eat up your story. Subjects ranging from enticing introductions to handling questions, many of them not only applicable to public speaking but to every conversation. Read more.

Intensive Care

The Intensive Care will help you make sure your audience will always be hanging on your every word. Particularly useful for people who have a specific talk coming up. But also if you just want to work on your individual storytelling skills. The Intensive Care is the package for you. In three session with me, with a strong focus on The 5 Ingredients of an Intoxicating Story, you will get a deeper understanding of storytelling and the stage. Read more.

OR – Operation Story Time

In the OR you learn all about The 5 Ingredients of an Intoxicating Story while being able to brainstorm and practice in a group. In a 3 hour workshop, you and your team can soak it all up, do exercises and try out some new things in a safe environment. Read more.