About Bodei

My name is Bodei Brouwer and I am a Dutch storyteller specialised in public speaking and the owner of The Story Clinic. My aim is to bring colour to the business world through storytelling. I strongly believe this world would be more fun, workable and effective if there was a wealth of colour, creativity and overall focus on humanity.

By Søren Thielcke, swinginginaplumtree.com


I have a background in theatre, business and creativity. When I was four my parents couldn’t take it any longer and sent me to my first drama class. We were all the better for it. However, the arts were not enough to fulfill me long term. In college, I found the right balance between business and creativity thanks to my bachelor in Leisure Management.

And then there was that one pitch at that one pressure cooker event that kicked of my storytelling career. Instead of giving a standard pitch like the rest of the participants, I wrote a eulogy. Quite different from what everyone else did. I stood out. Before I knew it, I had my first clients who wanted to learn what I did there on stage. So The Story Clinic was born.


Because of my background in theatre, I approach every piece of public speaking as if it were a small play. There is a reason why people enjoy going to the theatre, whether it is to go see a Shakespeare piece, comedy or opera. I do not see any reason why presentations shouldn’t be just as enthralling.

That is why I developed The 5 Ingredients of an Intoxicating Story. Using all these 5 ingredients right, your audience will be hanging on your every word and will remember your story afterwards.


23-year old Bodei reading the eulogy I wrote 1,5 hour before I had to come on stage.